Baking Low Poly From Fusion 360

by | Jun 25, 2017 | 3d Studio Max, Blog, Fusion 360, Substance Painter, Tutorial, Zbrush

Like I stated in my previous post, my thoughts on Fusion, I wanted to bake my retro computer from fusion to Substance Painter. So my friend tipped me of a nice trick to get a great mesh for baking trough Zbrush. First step is to exported a STL file from Fusion. Lets take the keycaps as an example.  I export with the settings in the image to the right.

The File I get into zbrush, as you can see, the edges are quite sharp.What I want to do is to smooth those edges out, so they will be better for baking.  Left side is the wireframe from the STL and the right side is without wireframe.

The first thing I do is to give the mesh a high Dynamesh (Remember to turn off blur and project). Then I go into Deformation and use a mix of Polish by crisp edges and Polish to make the edges smooth. The result is quite nice, as you can see in the image under. Both screenshots are from Zbrush.

Zbrush Model

Export settings from Fusion

I did this with the whole computer, so everything was ready for baking. Now the Dynamesh turns out to be quite high. 🙁 I need to fix this before exporting out, I went into Decimation Master, and turned down the poly count down to 5 % of the polycount. 🙂 Now I am ready to export the high poly for baking in Substance Painter, and to use it as a reference in 3D Studio Max for my low poly.

When I was done with making the low poly mesh in 3D Studio Max I then took it into Substance Painter and baked it. Here are the result of that bake in substance painter, its now ready to be textured. 🙂 The polycount is 1160.