ThatLittleSpider was mostly created to make simple blog posts to show off my progress and share recent work.

I have mixed experience within 3D Software from triple A games, animated tv shows to visualization.

ThatLittleSpider is a professional 3d designer and developer in Oslo, Norway. With over a decade of experience in 3d softwares  he has a burning for creating his own game, but time works against him. Now he must find a way to balance a job, being a father, writing a tiny blog and do what he was made for; sit in front of a computer, with a “snus” between his lips and just make stuff.

An quo unum natum postea, nullam evertitur eum ea, at quo scaevola scribentur. Sea ne fierent philosophia. Dolore debitis epicuri an vix. Sea ei mundi ancillae. Has ut atqui dicta.