Interactive book preview

by | May 21, 2019 | Blog, Show Off, Unreal Engine 4

Hi again. I got a new video from my new interactive book. Boy, I got a lot of request for tutorials on this one. I told a lot of people I would try to make it to the marketplace, so here we are, I present a small preview of my interactive book. Enjoy.

During this week I have been working hard to get create an entire new version of my interactive book. I have added several new features and there is a lot more to come. I have gone through how everything worked and improved it and made it all a lot simpler.

The pages themselves are now separate actors you can drop into world for your character to find and pick up and you have the ability to either use a texture or a widget with text/images on them. You can also use both, texture for the page with widget text on top. You can also of course fill up an entire book with either random pages or a list of predefined pages.

The book itself is now a separate actor as well. You can spawn the book in the world for the player to pick up and read. You can put out many of them as well, and you can also give the player a book that is “his” were he can store pages he finds in the world.

I am not quite finished yet, but I do consider most of the hard work done.

List of features :

  • Drop/pickup different books
  • Turn pages.
  • Place books in world
  • Pickup/add individual pages to book
  • Add predefined pages into book trough an array. Or to Front/Back Cover
  • Turn to specific page (instant)
  • Use a widget on a page
  • Use a texture on a page
  • Select animation on pages
  • Select mesh on pages
  • Use Alpha in texture to make mask
  • Blend Texture and Widget

Upcoming features :

  • Adding the book spine
  • Bug fix on page turn
  • Tutorials
  • Demo room
  • Write down information to a page in your book.
    • Example : Look at an puzzle object, when looked at you write it down on the page. Enable text in a widget so it appears in book, used later to solve a puzzle.
    • Example : Write down lore as you encounter them.

I will keep adding new features until it is done, I am trying to get this one out to Unreal Engine Marketplace, it will be my first time. So I am quite hyped and it is been fun to make, so there is always that.

I’ve noticed there is a small bug with the behavior of the pages when turning over a page, I will have to look into that.