My first thoughts on Fusion 360

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Blog, Fusion 360, Show Off

I have spent a couple of days trying out Fusion 360, and I have to say that I like using Fusion 360 for hard surface modelling.  Sure there are some downsides at first, and you will get crazy annoyed that something that is so easy in 3d studio max, can be a real pain to do in Fusion 360. However, this is understandable, max and fusion are two different programs, that works in different ways. What I want to achieve is to try implement Fusion on hard surface models for game art.

My first try was a retro computer. The Einstein. It turned out pretty good.

I did learn a bunch of stuff, and made some mistakes (mostly for future baking), that I can not repeat in my next Fusion Model if I want it to go all the way to Unreal Engine 4.

If you are considering testing Fusion, I of course recommend watching some tutorials on it.  On my next try I will probably find better workflows and more secrets in the software.

So to conclude, first I didn’t like Fusion, it felt messy and sometimes really frustrating. It felt like my workflow was taking a hit, but after a couple of days just trying to make different stuff, I got used to it. You sort of have to think of other ways to approach making a model, and your workflow sort of improves as you learn what not to do. I think I will use Fusion more and more. If I am going to make a vehicle or a pistol, Fusion is where I will start.

I loved that I could just create, without having to worry about the topology all the time. Much like Zbrush Dynamesh, only not sculpting. If I made a filet to high, I could always go back into the timeline and adjust that particular filet.

There are so many advantages using Fusion, you just have to get over the the whole “I could have done this particular thing faster in max”. When you are over that, I think you will only gain time.

I will make an update on how it works out on the whole, baking to low poly thing. 🙂