Reverse animation in 3dstudio

by | May 16, 2017 | 3d Studio Max, Blog, Tutorial

It is amazing what you learn even after having used 3d studio max for so long. I don’t do a whole lot of animation, just simple ting. Mostly fade in, move to a location, fade out. I was working on an animation at work today and it turned out to be a little more complex than my normal animations. I needed to use some keys, but I had to reverse them.

Normally I would do this by duplicating all the keys and placing them in reverse on the time line, but there was a lot of keys and I don’t want to spend all day doing it the hard way. So I did what I normally do, I googled it and found a great solution.

I love finding stuff like this, the easier way to do something, it feels like I gained a level up. It blew my mind that I have never noticed this option before in Max, it might be because I normally don’t do animations. Shame on me! If you don’t know this, it might be of some help to you. It sure is going to help me in the future.

First go down to your timeline and right click it. Hit “configure” and then turn on “show selection range“.

Then select the keys you want to reverse and then drag the selection range that has appeared under your timeline. To flip the keys just drag it to the other side.

That was easy. 😉 Tip of the day

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